Cargo Screening

- This is what we do. We understand the stringent security requirements so you can go about and do what you do.

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The modern world we live in can be a dangerous place and as thus, security requirements have grown ever-more stringent over the last few years.

If not managed or understood correctly, these requirements can misroute an air shipment and cause a service failure that costs time, effort, money, and possibly even a customer for the forwarder that was nominated for a failed shipment. At Transmark Cartage Services we understand how important it is to avoid these kinds of disasters and have made a commitment to our customers to do everything in our power to prevent these kinds of problems by investing in becoming a Certified Cargo Screening Facility (CCSF).

This has proven to have been a good investment, as our customers now enjoy the safety and security of knowing that their cargo will be kept in an enclosed security loop, with inspection taking place at our main TCS facility in Kent, WA before it is delivered to the airport, where it gains front-of-the-line privileges that allow them to bypass everybody else’s cargo that has to be inspected by the airlines themselves before loading on a commercial airliner. This is an invaluable time-saver, especially when most airlines are facing the typical evening crush of freight that inevitably leads to delays and service failures.

Transmark Cartage Services is very proud to work as a partner to our customers in this dangerous world, as demonstrated by our continued investments in services like CCSF, and we would love to hear from you in regards to your own unique needs. We are here to serve you, so please contact us today to get started!