About Us

Welcome to Transmark Cartage Services, a place where you will find a different kind of company—one whose foundations are built upon understanding customer requirements, constantly re-evaluating our understanding of those needs, and deploying the soundest of strategies to make sure those requests are met.

We take tremendous pride in translating those ideas into action, ensuring that every transaction is another brick in the relationship-building process we strive towards with each and every customer.

This philosophy has long been encoded in the DNA of Transmark Cartage Services, and it has served us well during our more than twenty years in business, leading to the opening of three terminals and a reputation as the premier cartage agent in the Pacific Northwest. As our customer bases and locations have grown, so have our menu of services, which now encompasses local pick up and delivery, drayage, CCSF services, Home Delivery, and a wide variety of other customized services.

As we have grown, so has the importance of ensuring we never lose touch with our customer service roots, and we remain vigilant in constantly maintaining ideal customer perception. This determination to hold ourselves to higher standards than ever have led to the creation of the Blueprint:

  • Listen to the customer and ask questions when necessary to fully understand their individual service expectations.
  • Execute a course of action to meet those expectations.
  • Measure customer perception regularly; be prepared to change or adapt to their changing expectations.
  • Be consistent in our performance by owning what we touch and communicating exceptionally well with others.
  • Always honor our commitments.


At Transmark Cartage Services, these ideals are much more than words, and we take a great care in putting them to work for our customers every day. Please take a look around our website and don’t hesitate to contact us—we are here to serve you.